The Charisma Myth: Book Review

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Charisma, as defined by Wikipedia, is that attractiveness or charm that can inspire anybody, in an almost divine or supernatural way. It’s like seeing a person walk into a crowded room, and then everything would seem to stand still. And you become totally aware of the power that that person seems to hold.

Political, religious and business leaders have that kind of power. While us, mere mortals, just stand in awe.

In this book by Olivia Fix Cabane, The Charisma Myth: How Anyone Can Master the Art and Science of Personal Magnetism, she has illustrated how science and technology have torn charisma apart and shows us that it isn’t really magic. But rather a skill that can be learned.

Imagine if you can make people like you more, trust you more, and want to hang on to every word that you say – that would be like living a charmed life where everything becomes so easy. Your projects, business and personal life become successes that you never even imagined possible.

Charisma is very important in business. Whether it’s about a new venture or project, or career move to advance – this book will enable you to achieve your goals. And the actionable steps listed there can definitely give you that unfair, competitive advantage.

Understanding that charisma is not some power but rather a set of behavior that can be learned, and that can be almost turned on and off — can turn your life around from a series of conventional happenings to something more exciting.

This book was able to define the three main elements of charisma – presence, power and warmth. And dissect how each one has an effect on the others.

From the way you shake hands with people, how you interact and engage in conversations, you’re actually sending signals that make them very much aware whether or not you really care. Or even whether or not you’re really there, both physically and mentally.

The way you carry yourself also sends a very strong message of the kind of power that you hold. But lest we forget, a power that’s not mixed with warmth might just as well be taken as conceitedness.

This book takes us farther into the non-verbal behavior we display that seriously impacts how others see us.

If there’s one book that you should have, this has got to be it.

This book teaches you to stand up a little straighter. This book makes you look at things clearer. And this book compels you to summon the necessary courage you need to become a success – in anything that you do, no matter how small or big it may be.

Remember, charisma is a skill. It’s not something innate or something one is really born with. So the more you understand it for what it really is, the more you see it in a totally different perspective.

Cabane has succeeded in coming up with a book that you won’t really get tired of reading, most specially if you’re a person who seriously wants take your business endeavors to a whole new level.


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