Taking Advice | Here’s to the Crazy Ones

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Ford Faster Horses

HP once said no to personal computers.

Henry Ford said no to taking over the family farm.

The original owners of Starbucks said no to selling brewed coffee.

Xerox said no to the mouse.

The McDonald brothers said no to opening multiple restaurants.

Whether you are new to startups or you’re a seasoned entrepreneur, it can be hard to discard advice from the people you respect. Sometimes, even when you are not looking for it, business advice comes knocking at your door. Well-meaning family members, friends, colleagues, investors and more will offer input. Whatever the case and whoever the source, all advice should be taken with careful consideration before you act upon it.

Advice is like the FREE bin at a yard sale—a lot of it is garbage. It’s important to take what’s relevant and ignore the rest.


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