Did Badges Ruin Gamification?

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Did Badges Ruin Gamification?

Gamification is a service design that integrates into a certain application, content or process to increase engagement and drive motivation.

Once gamification is involved, an ordinary landscape can turn into a game-like zone. Hence, it takes away the boring atmosphere or environment.

The application of gamification was a success with several companies. But many of those companies have overused and abused the techniques. They tend to focus on just giving badges particularly in selling apps.

Instead of utilizing a different platform and creating a more unique and engaging setting, developers often take the easy route by granting badges to users of their applications.

The wrong use of gamification, according to experts, can lead to a company’s downfall. Firms that are taking advantage of this strategy are SCVNGR, Shopkick and Foursquare.  While Bunchball, BigDoor and Badgeville, allow 3rd party app integration.

Some enterprises are aware of the situation and are slowly stepping in a different direction.

Foursquare has changed significantly from concentrating on mayorships and check-ins to offering genuine information services, in attempts to make it a strong competitor of Yelp. The company may have adopted a slightly different strategy, but many are still skeptical (including myself) about the challenges that Foursquare has to go through.

Gowalla was purchased by Facebook for $3 million. The sale wasn’t substantial, but it further demonstrates the consolidation of the industry. Some predict that the next acquisition target will be the gamification platforms for firms involved in selling services to various enterprises.

Gartner predicts that by 2015, around 40% of the 1000 worldwide organizations will be using gamified elements as a way to inspire and motivate their employees.

A successful application of gamification not only enhances the company’s operation, but can also drives sales and customer loyalty. But remember, badges get old. Find new ways to provide sustainable value with gamification.

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