Training with Gamification

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Lessons from Super Mario: Training with Gamification You probably remember playing Super Mario at one point in your life. Or, you’ve at least seen pictures of the red suited chubby little plumber jumping up and down on giant mushrooms. If … Continued

Did Badges Ruin Gamification?

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Did Badges Ruin Gamification? Gamification is a service design that integrates into a certain application, content or process to increase engagement and drive motivation. Once gamification is involved, an ordinary landscape can turn into a game-like zone. Hence, it takes … Continued

What is Gamification?

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What Is Gamification? Gamification is a strategy integrated to increase customer or user engagement. This is done by using “game elements, and game dynamics” in “non-game contexts.” It’s awakening a person’s interest to do something for a certain gain —  … Continued

Piano Stairs | Gamification Examples

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Sure, gamification is used in games and online. But what if gamification could be used to help make ordinary tasks not only doable, but exciting? What if you could ‘gamify’ life? Well, Volkswagen has a brilliant organization dedicated to doing just that. It’s … Continued